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Tala Tea Company
Tala Tea Company

بازدید کنید، عضو شوید، جایزه ببرید

Since there has been a taste developed in each human being, so there is a responsibility to satisfy this human taste therefore we have searched the best quality tea from the best tea gardens of Ceylon , Kenya and India to satisfy you.

We are proud to say that we have used the best tea specialists and modern technology to develop the unique taste and quality in tea to supply our clients.

Our Background: more than 25 years of continuous activity in packaging and distribution of different kinds of tea in The Middle East, Russia Asia, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Our Packaging: According to the latest international standards and full automatic methods in Dubai, Free Zone of Chah Bahar and Tehran. Quality: Assured by experienced tea specialists

Comparable Advantages: Familiar with people’s taste and respect it by therefore we do our best to extend to supply the best quality tea.

Our believes and goals: Achieving a long term trust between our customers and our company and giving the best service in providing high quality tea with competitive price to our c ustomers.


Green Tea

Green tea is healthy drink which is mostly consumed in Asian countries. Asian usually drink minimum 3 cups of Green Tea daily. Green tea has been used for different sicknesses such infection and digestion problems. It is good for nerves and some eye problems. People use the green tea leaves for insect stings and sun burns too. Green tea is good to cure some of the cancers such as breast, intestinal and ovaries.


Tea History

Ancient Iranian used to drink coffee instead of tea. That is why the tea shops were called coffee shop of course in Farsi language. In 1901 King of Iran ordered the Deceased Kashef Ol Saltane the Council of Iran in India to learn how to plant, produce tea and to get familiar with different techniques of tea production. Kashe Ol Saltane was the first person to plant and produce black tea in Iran.



Tea consists Caffeine which happens by brewing the leaves of the plant of Camellia Sinessis in boiling water. Main producing tea countries are China , India , Bangladesh , Pakistan , Iran , Korea , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Japan , Australia, Argentina , Kenya , Indonesia and Nepal...


Tala Tea in the twenty-third of Agro-Food Tehran International fair

iran Agro-Food 2016 was held on 10 to 13 June 2016 in Tehran International permanent fairground.

Tala Tea company participated in this exhibition on the basis of its mission as in previous years.

Here are pictures from Tala Tea company at the fair…





Tala Tea participated in Agro food exhibition in Iran in May 2014. The participants are shown in the following pictures.



The third “rights of consumer conference” was held in Alborz state, Iran

Tala tea company  have succeeded to get certificate for righs of consumer in The third “rights of consumer conference”


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